Saturday, September 21, 2013


Hey everybody.  I have just survived a short but rigorous time at Industrial Light and Magic.  I threw myself into the 3D world (even though I had never really done it before) and survived.  I met some amazing and talented people.  The people there are so smart.  It makes me feel very small.  However, the opportunity for growth is immense. I am happy to announce that I.L.M has asked me to stay on as an artist and I am so excited to get started on some new projects.

My weekends have been spent frantically helping Dice and Robert finish up The Dam Keeper.  This weekend should be my actual last weekend but I feel like I have said that a few times already.  Here is a  quick painting of one of the corners of The Dam Keeper studios.

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  1. Congrats Cody! So happy for you! I'm a sculptor/painter friend of your mom and dad's, and saw your mom had posted this excellent news on FB. Can't say I'm not jealous!