Saturday, July 13, 2013

White on White on White

White on White on White

I started today with a tough challenge made much worse by the fact that I could not sleep the night before...

This morning The Dam Keeper Crew and I woke up ( or in my case... stayed up..)  bright and early to do some speed paints before we started work.   Today's challenge was to paint white objects on on a white surface.  This is not an easy task and would have been much harder without the warm light and color influences from the Animation Collaborative's interior.  The hardest challenge we came up with as a group was trying to compensate for a lack of value changes.  Our instincts are to try and make the objects pop out from against each other.  However, when we instinctively tried to do that our paintings came out as mud.

I have a feeling I could have picked this up easier if my eyes were not burning from exhaustion... 

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