Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bottles and Birch

Hey everybody,

This morning we found some time to do another series of real quick (10-15 min) still life paintings.  Today we focused on glass and reflections.  I ran into a lot of trouble with this painting because the reflection that was being created by the light birch table was getting so bright that it absorbed the strength of the highlights on the glass.  That was especially difficult with the clear glass because the reflections were one of the only way to describe the bottles form.   I ended up having to rearrange the composition so the reflections and highlights on the glass bottle could read against a dark surface.


  1. Cody, this is fascinating stuff! At first glance, these almost looked like they were painted by a different person.

    Thanks for sharing your thought process as well - Would you say that you've pretty much gotten used to this way of working?

    The DK stuff I've seen so far looks great. Looking forward to seeing more of your guys' work.

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