Friday, May 3, 2013

The Well

This was the first project of the semester.  The assignment was kicked off by Dela Longfish and Jeff Sengali from Lucasfilm  The assignment was "A young child comes across a wishing well.  At the well the child discovers a creature". Then we drew a random country from a hat as the location for our story.  

I was assigned The United States...  That is pretty much a wildcard.  So, after running through all of the usual stereotypes, inner-city kids, rednecks and morbidly obese children.  I ended up having a long list of comps that I found boring.  So, I scrapped what I had and restarted by choosing the state I knew about the least and continued my research from there. 

I narrowed my story options to an on-shore oil "well" where the young son of a big rig trucker discovers an Inuit spirit. 

A Theriman is an Inuit spirit whose purpose is to disrupt humanity when it encroaches too close to nature. 
 My design made the Theriman out of oil so it can be disrupted by the existance of the oil rig. 

The first contact moment

The Story's Climax 

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