Friday, May 3, 2013

City of the Beasts

During this semester we produced art based off of Isabel Allende's novel "The City of the Beasts".  We decided to focus our visual exploration of the novel to the waterfall rescue scene. (I don't want to spoil anything about the book so if you are curious you can check it out here

 Here are a few snippets of revised work that I did for the project.  Below that is the original reel of my groups "City of the Beasts" from the beginning of the semester.

This piece is a collaborative painting between myself, Lenny Hung and Vincent Balmori doing the Maya VFX waterfalls. 

Along with this project being really fun to illustrate, it was a great opportunity to play around with After Effects and Premiere.

Group#2 FNLReel from Cody Gramstad on Vimeo.

Other participants in this City of the Beasts group are Vincent Balmori, Lenny Hung, Hillary Bradfield, Meena Indukuri, Adam Myers, Lisa Purdy, Kristine Santos, Kim Stramat and Richard Watson.

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